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An evening of short geology talks by local geologists

Geology Revealed: IGNITE!

An evening of short geology talks by local geologists

Major Exhibition: 8 April 2017 - 6 January 2018

Under the Surface: Paintings And Carvings By David West

West’s extraordinary talents both as a wood carver and a painter have realised a visionary peacefulness and contemplative quality in his work. His pieces have always been imaginative, are often witty, and filled with fantasy and wonder. Living beside the River Lim for over 35 years, with its course flowing directly beside his studio and garden

Lunchtime Concert: Damian Clarke

Lunchtime Concert: Damian Clarke

Damian’s musical mission is to perform traditional material, and to make it appeal to a wider audience than the folk scene. Come and hear him play Hammer Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy

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