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Privacy Policy

Dorset County Museum respects your privacy:

  1. Cookies used on this site are there to identify you to us and may not be used to track or otherwise capture information personal to you.
  2. Cookies are destroyed upon closing your browser automatically.
  3. The data we store is done so in accordance with the data protection act and will never be shared.
  4. Any sensitive data (passwords) is one-way encrypted and cannot be retrieved or viewed in plain text by us.
  5. Third party companies may not access your information for marketing or any other purposes not related to Dorset County Museum and Partners.
  6. You may request the removal of any data we hold on you at any time by writing to us with your request.
  7. In reference to item 6 above - we will retain data until goods or e-tickets expire either by delivery plus 30 days or on ticket expired.
  8. All persons accessing your information do so under strict control by Dorset County Museum and in lawful execution of their contractual obligation.
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