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Friday 2nd February 2018

From 19:30 until 20:45

Venue: Brownsword Hall, Pummery Square, Poundbury, Dorset, DT1 3GW

Archaeology Unearthed:  Taking Sides: The ‘Scandinavian-Type’ Flint Axe in Britain

Dr Katherine Walker - Visiting Research Fellow, Bournemouth University

Come and join us for an interesting talk by Dr Katherine Walker who is a visiting research fellow at Bournemouth University.

Neolithic connections between Scandinavia and Britain have been largely dismissed in recent years, and characteristic rectangular-sectioned axe-heads have been written out of accounts of prehistory as modern collectors’ losses. An axe-head from Julliberries Grave non-megalithic long barrow, Chilham, Kent, is cited as one of the few ‘credible’ examples. This talk is a presentation of the evidence and the detective work needed to ascertain the credibility of the axe-heads, and situates it in the ‘bigger picture’ of cross-sea connections.

Katherine is a prehistorian specialising in the Neolithic of northwest Europe and is a Visiting Research Fellow at Bournemouth University. She gained a first class degree in Archaeology from the University of Bristol; an MA in the European Neolithic from Cardiff University, funded by the AHRC; and a PhD from the University of Southampton entitled ‘Axe-heads and Identity: an Investigation into the Roles of Identity Formation in Neolithic Britain.’


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Archaeology Unearthed: Taking Sides: The ‘Scandinavian-Type’ Flint Axe in Britain by Dr K Walker