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Orcombe Point, Exmouth, Devon by Colin Bentley

Jurassic Coast – 95 miles of coastline, 3 years of Art

Paintings by Colin Bentley

Colin Bentley has known the Jurassic Coast for over twenty years but is only now exploring its geology.  This three year project is in collaboration with the Jurassic Coast Trust and will tell the story of this world heritage site by painting and drawing its stunning landscapes.  

In order to do this, Colin needs to understand its geology, history and people. 

When an Artist studies life drawing, they are encouraged to look at the anatomy of the human figure.  As with drawing the human figure, painting this coastline without an understanding of its geology would be difficult.

Without this understanding a landscape is just a view.  Landscapes are full of history, drama, emotion and life. 

Throughout this three year project Colin will be working closely with the Jurassic Coast Trust, the charity responsible for managing this extraordinary World Heritage Site.  Colin will be working with the Trust’s volunteer ambassadors, students in their partnered schools and running art-related activities at their events.  Through this connection, he hopes his work will take on greater meaning so the paintings are not just records of places, but of people as well.

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Jurassic Coast – 95 miles of coastline, 3 years of Art