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Dinosaur Footprints

These footprints preserved in Purbeck Limestone were made by Swanage dinosaurs 142 million years ago.  .  The size, depth and gait of these prints give us clues about the bulk and weight of the creatures.  We can see they had three toes, making the most likely candidates iguanodons or megalosaurs.  Evidence of both these dinosaurs is fossilised in nearby rocks of the same age.

Megalosaurs were large, flesh-eating dinosaurs that walked on their back legs, while iguanodons ate plants, and could walk on two or four legs.  Nobody knows which made these tracks because no identifying marks are preserved, but most experts believe the culprits were iguanodons walking on hind legs.  One of these tracks shows that a dinosaur took a small step back then changed direction.

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Footprints made by Swanage dinosaurs