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Fossil Tree

Fossil Tree, Main Street, Fortuneswell
The tree was presented to Dorset County Museum by Mrs King Warry, the grand-daughter of Mr W White. He was the owner of ‘Trade’ quarry on Portland, where the tree was found, probably around 1825. It was displayed on a house in Main Street, Fortuneswell (now Portland Town Council offices) until 1914/15

In the corner of the landing we find fossilised trunks of very early species of trees which grew about 140 million years ago.  

Herbivorous dinosaurs with long necks (and long tails for balance) would have been able to reach up to the vegetation of tall cypresses like these.  On the Dorset coast, close to nearby Lulworth Cove, there is a site referred to as the “Fossil Forest where there is evidence of early trees in the form of fossilised tufa (looking like huge stone ring-doughnuts!) which grew around the base of the tees.  The fossil tree-trunks have long gone…

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