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Dorchester Gallery

Where the story of a town unfolds

The small town of Dorchester has left a sizeable footprint on our nation’s history. Events of national and international importance have taken place here over the centuries, such as the notorious Judge Jeffrey’s ‘Bloody Assizes’.

As we travel deeper into time, we see that the town had its beginnings as an Iron Age settlement, and became Durnovaria after the Roman invasion of AD43.

The gallery tracks the history of the town’s development through Medieval times (there is a fine collection of medieval pottery) into
a lively market town in the 1800s.

Later in the 1900s, it was Thomas Hardy’s novels that put Dorchester on the map, enticing an increasing number of tourists to visit the town he called Casterbridge.

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16 - 24 June 2018

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Where the story of a town unfolds