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Discover the Treasures of Wessex

For the next twelve months five leading museums of the Wessex Museums Partnership Dorset County Museum, Poole Museum, Russell-Cotes Gallery and Museum, The Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum will be sharing the story of Wessex in the wider world by showcasing an artefact from their own outstanding collections to the other partner museums.

Wessex has a rich history connecting the region to countries around the world. Our links to Europe and Asia date back to prehistory. An eventful maritime history connects our ports to North America and beyond. Local collectors brought back to Wessex exotic treasures from their journeys of discovery around the world. The story of Wessex is a truly global one.

Dorset County Museum's Spotlight Loan Tour: 19th Century Iron Leg Shackles and Chain

The Dorset County Museum is pleased to announce from the 1 September to 23 November 2016, we will be showcasing the artefacts from Wiltshire Museum.  These objects are from a burial of an important Bronze Age woman discovered close to Stonehenge. Contained within her grave were objects that showed her power and authority.  Gold, amber and jet beads and pendants were discovered with her remains. The most unusual item is a jet pendant in the shape of a double-headed axe, a stone weapon usually found in the north of England and Scotland. 

Spotlight Tour Dates

  • 24 November 2016 – 15 February 2017 - Wardour Hoard from Salisbury Museum
  • 16 February – 10 May 2017 - Tibetan Teapot from Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
  • 11 May –  3 August 2017 - Flying Boat Dish from Poole Museum

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