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The Museum Makers group in action!

A group for adults with learning disabilities

Museum Makers is a group for adults with learning disabilities at Dorset County Museum, meeting every Monday morning in term time.

The group members work together with our education team, specialist carers, artists and performers to prepare temporary exhibitions of their own creative art, use IT, photography and filming to record events, go on visits to relevant sites to collect further information and use the museum as a place for inspiration. Over the past few years the group has :

  • curated an exhibition called Me, Myself and  I, which looked at self identity and where we come from, and included 3D self portraits and photography
  • created a multi media display based on the portrait of Thomas Rackett
  • produced a dramatisation of Thomas Hardy's The Withered Arm, working with New Hardy Players
  • staged a performance of The Hare and the Tortoise to mark the 2012 Olympic Games in Dorset
  • written and filmed the short movie Mirror Mirror, inspired by the discovery and acquistion of the Langton Herring Iron Age Mirror. See the film and find out all about how it was made in the links below:

We'll Be Home In Time For Christmas

With financial support from Dorchester Town Council, in September 2014 the group will start work on their new 18-month long project, We'll Be Home In Time For Christmas. Insipred by and using letters and postcards sent home by Dorset soldiers between 1914 and 1918, the project will culminate in the group creating an 'Old Time Music Hall' production of songs, readings and poetry to commemorate the First World War.

To find out more about the Museum Makers group and this project please contact: