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Final Days to See Dippy

It only seems like yesterday that Dorset Country Museum opened its doors to visitors to the iconic ‘Dippy on Tour Exhibition’.

Sadly, this record breaking exhibition is coming to an end with just a few days left to make that important final visit.

The Museum will close its doors on the first stage of Dippy’s Tour on Monday 7th May 2018 with last admittance to the Museum at 4pm.

During Dippy’s stay, over 140,000 people have visited the Museum, to wonder at the sheer size and magnificence of this iconic dinosaur caste and in a small way participate in a little bit of history!

So, before Dippy’s departure, Jon Murden, the Museum’s Director, is keen to make one last request to those families and individuals who haven’t yet managed to catch this once in a lifetime exhibition.

“In this digital age when the impossible seems possible and very little seems to stir the imaginations of the young, I’m so hearted and excited to see that the wonders of the natural world still excite and ignite our curiosity” says Jon.

“From toddlers to pensioners, the sense of anticipation has been extraordinary with the museum buzzing with activity and a thirst to learn more - not only about Dippy, but also our wider natural environment.”

Visitors have until Monday 7th May to catch a last glimpse of Dippy On Tour here in Dorset and within reach of the Jurassic Coast.

Published by Dorset County Museum Monday 30th April 2018

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Final Days to See Dippy