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  • Species Name: Diplodocus carnegii
  • Meaning: Double-beam
  • Group: Sauropodomorpha
  • Diet: Plants
  • Length: 21.3m
  • Width: 4.3m
  • Height: 4.25
  • Number of Bones: 292
  • Age: 156-145 million years
  • Fossil location: North America, 1878

The Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus skeleton cast, known as Dippy is touring the UK from early 2018. And we’re thrilled to have been selected from hot competition as his first stop on that tour!

Dippy the dinosaur, has delighted visitors since he arrived at London's Natural History Museum in 1905. Now the Natural History Museum in partnership with the Garfield Weston Foundation and is supported by DELL EMC and Williams and Hill, are touring Dippy around the country to spark the imagination of the next generation of scientists and connect the nation with nature.

Find out more about Dippy’s story

Why is Dippy coming to Dorset?

Dippy the DiplodocusDippy always knew that many of the fossil marine reptiles at the Natural History Museum in London came from the Jurassic Coast, the birthplace of palaeontology.  After years listening to how brilliant it is, he has finally decided to take the trip to find out for himself.  There is so much to explore on the Jurassic Coast …..12 weeks might not be enough!

With the support of our partners Jurassic Coast Trust, the Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure will be the last temporary exhibition to be hosted by Dorset County Museum before we close certain sections of the galleries for a major refurbishment.  When the Museum reopens in 2020, it will be a world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space, complete with new galleries, a learning centre, collections storage, library and visitor facilities including a café and shop.  The sensitive yet contemporary redevelopment of the current site will transform Dorset County Museum – Making Dorset Proud.

Dippy on Tour audio description

  Listen to or download the audio description produced to accompany Dippy on Tour, or read the transcript >> CLICK HERE

Things to Do

Fossil Hunting at CharmouthThere will be lots of Dippy-themed events going on at the Museum and also across Dorset (thanks to our partners the Jurassic Coast Trust) that we’d love you to take part in.  The Jurassic Coast is one of the most popular destinations in Britain, drawing visitors from all over the world. Whether you want to hunt for fossils, visit a museum, or simply take in the stunning scenery on a good walk, you’ll find there’s plenty of things to do, whatever the time of year.

Jurassic Coast- Things to Do


Art Exhibition

Naturally Curious

Ever since geologists began to unlock the incredible history of our planet people have wished to recreate environments which existed before humans.  There is a fascination down the centuries with how different ancient ecosystems were from those we recognise today.  Fossils drive the imagination… but fossils aren’t the only things that inspire curiosity about nature.

This art exhibition explores how curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. The four artists represented here each draw inspiration from nature in their own unique ways. From modern recreations of prehistoric animals to abstract representations of the rocks beneath the landscape. All them have a passion for sharing their curiosity with others.

Click here for more details about this exhibition

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School and Group Visits

The Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus, known as Dippy, will be at Dorset County Museum between 19 February and 8 May 2018 and we’re thrilled to be working with Jurassic Coast Trust to offer schools and groups a unique and exciting opportunity to visit him.

Click here for more details and how to book

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Entry to see Dippy is FREE but you have to book a slot (Max 6 per booking), 60 minutes slots are available. You’ll be able to see Dippy in the Victorian Hall and explore the museum’s temporary exhibition, all un-guided. (For School and Group Bookings Click Here)

If you wish to view the rest of our museum then please see the charges for entry below. 

Members of Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society and Go Jurassic! Rangers entry to the whole museum during Dippy on Tour, including Dippy, is FREE and you do not have to book a time slot, simply turn up with your membership ID.

Dorset County Museum and the Jurassic Coast are planning an extensive events programme to accompany Dippy on Tour. Sign up to our Mailing List* for all the information as it’s announced, or go to

Please note a Maximum of 6 people per ticket, if you require more than 6 please make additional bookings.

*see our full DNHAS Privacy & Data Protection Policy

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